How to Spice Up Your Next Meeting by Changing Up the Food & Beverage

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If you are in charge of ordering food for your office meetings I’m sure you get a lot of input from your colleagues. Step away from the basic sandwich platter and embrace something new! I create menus for all types of lunch meetings. It is sometimes nice to switch things up and offer a nice pasta with a gourmet salad. My feature pasta dish includes fresh pasta with sweet peas, spinach, and sundried tomatoes with a truffle parmesan sauce. The guest always come back for seconds. I generally pair it with a gourmet salad that I’m glad to share with you. Nowadays as people are trying to eat healthy they sometimes get bored with the basic salad. Take a look at the ingredients to make a fabulous salad!

Arugula and kale, Candied Pecans, Honey Goat Cheese and Roasted Beets. Drizzle with a lemon truffle dressing to complete the salad.


Remember to shake things up a bit for your next meeting. Call In Good Taste Catering & Events By Stacey to create a custom menu for you!

New Trends in Catering for 2016!

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There is always something hot in the catering industry because caterers are always trying to top themselves.  It’s important to stay current with the trends since we want to always offer our clients something new and creative.

7 Trends This Year:

#1  Using Local – It’s important to always offer our clients the freshest options and generally that is using local farmers (farm to fresh table).  We are not only keeping the revenue in our own community but getting a better product.

#2 Vegetarian Dishes – As clients are becoming more aware of the benefits of eating healthier, caterers need to be creative with fabulous low-fat and vegetarian options.

#3 Gluten-free Dishes – More people are steering towards a gluten-free diet.  Caterers need to be mindful of these clients and research delicious options.

#4 Ice cream with upscale flavors – No more are the days when clients just want chocolate or vanilla.  They now are craving different flavors like Avocado Vanilla Mint or Strawberry Kale Berry.

#5 Upscale Comfort Food – Clients enjoy mini fried mac and cheese Bites along with fried chicken on a mini waffles.


#6 Sriracha! – Clients are asking for a kick with their food.  Sriracha is the perfect additive to any meal.

#7 Mini Desserts – They aren’t a new trend but as many trends die year after year, the mini desserts have lasted.  Guests feel less guilty partaking in a mini dessert!

In Good Taste Catering & Events by Stacey is always keeping up with the trends.  Contact us at for your next event and we’ll customize your menu to suite your needs!

Cold Weather Makes You Yearn for Hot Soups

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If you are like me, when the weather drops 10 degrees I instantly yearn for homemade hot soup!  Living in Florida those days are few and far between so we have to take advantage when we get the chance.  Some of the most popular soups are Potato, French Onion, Minestrone, and Tomato.   But my truly favorite is Cream of Mushroom.  Here is a great recipe to share:

Cream of Mushroom Soup

8 ounces fresh mushrooms
2 Tb onions, chopped
1-2 garlic clove, minced
2 Tb butter
2-3 TB flour (separated)
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup light cream
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
¼ tsp nutmeg

Slice the mushrooms.  Melt butter in medium pot. Add in onions, garlic, and mushrooms.  Cook until onions are soft and translucent, about 5 minutes.  Blend in 2 TB flour and stir.

Add in the chicken broth and heat until slightly thickened while stirring frequently with a whisk.

Stir cream with additional 1 TB. flour and seasonings.  Add cream to soup.  Heat to thicken while stirring frequently.  Add salt, pepper, and nutmeg to taste.

cream of mushroom

Serve and enjoy!


Last Minute Tips in Making your New Year’s Eve a Grand Celebration

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Invite your friends and family over to ring in the new year with a grand celebration.  A few easy tips can turn your party from fun to fabulous.

When thinking about decorating your house, think simple but effective.  You may be able to continue using holiday decorations but throw in white votive candles all around the house to set a grand mood for your guests.


Choose the timing of your party a little later than usual since guests will be staying much later and you can get away with not serving a large dinner.  For a fun twist, ask each couple to prepare an appetizer that they can cook at your house.  Give each couple 30 minutes to prepare and serve their appetizer and then vote at the end of the night for the best one!

Drinking is a big party of every New Year’s Eve celebration.  Instead of stressing about providing every drink someone could ask for, prepare a Champagne Bar and include mixers like cranberry, orange, and apple juice.  Have you guests bring anything else they’d like to drink.

champagne bar

Every New Year’s Eve celebration isn’t complete without a few fun noise makers or funny hats.  Pick up a package at your nearest party store to top off a great evening.

Happy New Year!

How to Plan a Great Holiday Party

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Everyone wants to host a holiday party that guests will still be talking about after New Years.  As a caterer and event planner, I have some easy tips to make your event stress free:
Hire In Good Taste Catering & Events By Stacey to cater and decorate to make your event completely stress free!
If In Good Taste Catering & Events By Stacey is already booked for your date, start planning your menu with do-ahead recipes and think about including items that don’t need a fork or knife so you have less clean up.  Even though you are the host, you want to enjoy your party as well.
Create a DIY cocktail bar.  Line up the different liquors with appropriate mixers and glasses.  If you want to take the extra step, type up some nice little signs with drink ideas and ingredients.
DIY cocktail barDecorate your home with candles, and beautiful flowers.  Turn on Pandora on your home speaker for great background music.
Remember your holiday party is a time for your friends and family
to visit your home,
taste some delicious food, and enjoy great company!

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