New Trends in Catering for 2016!

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There is always something hot in the catering industry because caterers are always trying to top themselves.  It’s important to stay current with the trends since we want to always offer our clients something new and creative.

7 Trends This Year:

#1  Using Local – It’s important to always offer our clients the freshest options and generally that is using local farmers (farm to fresh table).  We are not only keeping the revenue in our own community but getting a better product.

#2 Vegetarian Dishes – As clients are becoming more aware of the benefits of eating healthier, caterers need to be creative with fabulous low-fat and vegetarian options.

#3 Gluten-free Dishes – More people are steering towards a gluten-free diet.  Caterers need to be mindful of these clients and research delicious options.

#4 Ice cream with upscale flavors – No more are the days when clients just want chocolate or vanilla.  They now are craving different flavors like Avocado Vanilla Mint or Strawberry Kale Berry.

#5 Upscale Comfort Food – Clients enjoy mini fried mac and cheese Bites along with fried chicken on a mini waffles.


#6 Sriracha! – Clients are asking for a kick with their food.  Sriracha is the perfect additive to any meal.

#7 Mini Desserts – They aren’t a new trend but as many trends die year after year, the mini desserts have lasted.  Guests feel less guilty partaking in a mini dessert!

In Good Taste Catering & Events by Stacey is always keeping up with the trends.  Contact us at for your next event and we’ll customize your menu to suite your needs!

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