5 Tips for Newlyweds Trying to Confirm a Caterer

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#1 Prioritize your Wants

A number of couples start thinking about their wedding day and think they have to replicate everything they see on Pinterest. Since most couples are on a budget, make a list of what each of you really want on your big day. Is the cocktail hour most important or the 5 tier wedding cake? Once you make a list of what you and your fiancé really find the most important it’ll make the rest of the decisions much easier.

#2 Set your Budget!

If you haven’t been involved in planning a wedding you may end up being very shocked at the prices today. Once you’ve made your list of priorities then go through and put a number next to them of what you think you’d want to spend. Realize that probably all of those numbers will increase once you start getting quotes. But you need to have a base to start with when getting quotes of what you are willing to spend. Remember you always have the power to negotiate a little with a vendor you may really want. Think of something to ask for to show them you’ll lock them in over their competition if they come through with the small gesture.

#3 Dissect your Different Catering Quotes

All catering companies do not do things the same way. The different proposals that you receive may be very different. Some do not include all of the fees in the first proposal. There are a number of caterers that will give an initial price and then the day of the wedding give another bill of the items that weren’t included. You have to make sure you are comparing all line items when comparing caterers. In Good Taste Catering &Events by Stacey does give you a very transparent quote. All fees for rentals, staffing, and food are given up front.

#4 Schedule a Tasting

To know what the food will taste like on your big day, you need to schedule a tasting with the caterer you’ve chosen to move forward with. Most caterers won’t do a complimentary tasting unless you’ve confirmed they will be catering your wedding. It ends up not being cost effective to give every potential client a complimentary tasting. But once you are confirmed make sure you taste everything that they will be serving the day of the wedding so you and your fiancé are very happy with your choices.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. Make sure you hire the vendors that make you feel that way. In Good Taste Catering & Events by Stacey is a full service event company handling the catering, rentals, and event planning. Contact us today!