Creative Centerpieces Make the Event

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Always try to think outside the box when planning the centerpiece for your next event. Make it colorful and beautiful.


At one of our recent events guests saw this centerpiece right when they walked in the room. It was an unique concept and tied nicely into the station since it was at a painting event.



Tips on How to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

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#1 Choose the Right Date and Time
Most guests attending a corporate event appreciate when the event is during the week (preferably Tuesday or Wednesday) and when they can be home by 9 p.m.

#2 Choose the Menu
Does your event call for a sit down dinner or is it a cocktail party? Small plates provide something unique compared to the typical small bite hors d’oeuvre.

#3 Think about the Bar
Guests appreciate a bar with a short line. A simple way to get that is to have a signature drink served when your guests arrive so they don’t have to go straight to the bar. Also choosing one white and one red option makes the selection process faster.

#4 Hire In Good Taste Catering & Events by Stacey to create a beautiful atmosphere for your event along with amazing food that your guests will remember!


5 Tips for Newlyweds Trying to Confirm a Caterer

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#1 Prioritize your Wants

A number of couples start thinking about their wedding day and think they have to replicate everything they see on Pinterest. Since most couples are on a budget, make a list of what each of you really want on your big day. Is the cocktail hour most important or the 5 tier wedding cake? Once you make a list of what you and your fiancé really find the most important it’ll make the rest of the decisions much easier.

#2 Set your Budget!

If you haven’t been involved in planning a wedding you may end up being very shocked at the prices today. Once you’ve made your list of priorities then go through and put a number next to them of what you think you’d want to spend. Realize that probably all of those numbers will increase once you start getting quotes. But you need to have a base to start with when getting quotes of what you are willing to spend. Remember you always have the power to negotiate a little with a vendor you may really want. Think of something to ask for to show them you’ll lock them in over their competition if they come through with the small gesture.

#3 Dissect your Different Catering Quotes

All catering companies do not do things the same way. The different proposals that you receive may be very different. Some do not include all of the fees in the first proposal. There are a number of caterers that will give an initial price and then the day of the wedding give another bill of the items that weren’t included. You have to make sure you are comparing all line items when comparing caterers. In Good Taste Catering &Events by Stacey does give you a very transparent quote. All fees for rentals, staffing, and food are given up front.

#4 Schedule a Tasting

To know what the food will taste like on your big day, you need to schedule a tasting with the caterer you’ve chosen to move forward with. Most caterers won’t do a complimentary tasting unless you’ve confirmed they will be catering your wedding. It ends up not being cost effective to give every potential client a complimentary tasting. But once you are confirmed make sure you taste everything that they will be serving the day of the wedding so you and your fiancé are very happy with your choices.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. Make sure you hire the vendors that make you feel that way. In Good Taste Catering & Events by Stacey is a full service event company handling the catering, rentals, and event planning. Contact us today!

Last Minute Tips in Making your New Year’s Eve a Grand Celebration

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Invite your friends and family over to ring in the new year with a grand celebration.  A few easy tips can turn your party from fun to fabulous.

When thinking about decorating your house, think simple but effective.  You may be able to continue using holiday decorations but throw in white votive candles all around the house to set a grand mood for your guests.


Choose the timing of your party a little later than usual since guests will be staying much later and you can get away with not serving a large dinner.  For a fun twist, ask each couple to prepare an appetizer that they can cook at your house.  Give each couple 30 minutes to prepare and serve their appetizer and then vote at the end of the night for the best one!

Drinking is a big party of every New Year’s Eve celebration.  Instead of stressing about providing every drink someone could ask for, prepare a Champagne Bar and include mixers like cranberry, orange, and apple juice.  Have you guests bring anything else they’d like to drink.

champagne bar

Every New Year’s Eve celebration isn’t complete without a few fun noise makers or funny hats.  Pick up a package at your nearest party store to top off a great evening.

Happy New Year!

How to Plan a Great Holiday Party

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Everyone wants to host a holiday party that guests will still be talking about after New Years.  As a caterer and event planner, I have some easy tips to make your event stress free:
Hire In Good Taste Catering & Events By Stacey to cater and decorate to make your event completely stress free!
If In Good Taste Catering & Events By Stacey is already booked for your date, start planning your menu with do-ahead recipes and think about including items that don’t need a fork or knife so you have less clean up.  Even though you are the host, you want to enjoy your party as well.
Create a DIY cocktail bar.  Line up the different liquors with appropriate mixers and glasses.  If you want to take the extra step, type up some nice little signs with drink ideas and ingredients.
DIY cocktail barDecorate your home with candles, and beautiful flowers.  Turn on Pandora on your home speaker for great background music.
Remember your holiday party is a time for your friends and family
to visit your home,
taste some delicious food, and enjoy great company!