Caterers Need Accurate Guest Counts

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Over the past 20 years of being a successful caterer in South Florida, I have encountered this problem on a handful of occasions.  Caterers plan everything according to the number of guests attending an event.  Everything from how much food, to how many rentals, to how many staff are needed depends on a guest count.  If a client isn’t forthright on the number of guests, everyone looks bad.  Clients also need to be aware the most caterers will do a head count during the event. It is also very important that clients read their contracts with all vendors before signing.

Two Reasons to Give Accurate Guest Number:

  1. You want there to be enough food, drinks, flatware, plates, tables, napkins and linens for your guests.  If you run out because you didn’t give the accurate number, it not only looks bad on you as the host, but us as the caterer.  We have worked very hard through the years to become the best caterer in South Florida and we want to continue giving great service and food.
  2. You want there to be enough staff to give your event great service.  If there isn’t enough staff, the food may not be ready on time, there might not be enough staff to keep your venue clean, or the bartender may not be able to serve drinks efficiently.

At an event last month, a client didn’t give us the accurate count and were off by about 50 people. It was very embarrassing for us, as well as the host.  Caterers like myself work very hard on every aspect of your event so there’s no problems and your guests are impressed.  Make sure to give the accurate number of your guests the next time you have an event.

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